We are passionate to do what we can as a small business to be as transparent as we can about our suppliers, sustainability and ethics in our own supply chain. Mairi undertakes almost all day-to-day running of the business herself and strives to ensure she runs her business honestly and with integrity, considering the ethics of her suppliers and supporting local businesses where possible. 

The design and making process starts with the use of CAD (computer aided design). The advantages for us means we can present three designs for clients to choose from. The chosen design to be made is 3D printed in a castable wax. We get our designs 3D printed out of house by a supplier in the UK and is then sent onto a casting house for lost wax casting. 3D printing in a wax means it does not give off hazardous fumes into the atmosphere and the wax can be reused after the lost wax casting process. This process means we only use the gold required for each piece so no wastage. Our chosen casting house uses traceable metals that are 100% recycled, Fairtrade and Fairmined. We became a fairmined licensee in August 2018 and proudly chose to use recycled or fairmined gold for all our rings.

We use a range of stone suppliers who all comply with the Kimberly Process and uphold high standards in sourcing stones in an ethical and sustainable way. Our sapphires are sourced from suppliers that are supporting small scale artisanal mining communities creating fully traceable supply chains. All our rings are tested at the Edinburgh Assay office and are stamped confirming the carat of gold and will have our makers stamp IRI as well as the fairmined mark from April 2019.

We aim to produce high quality rings and believe they should come in high quality packaging. For now, all our rings all come in a hinged black leatherette box with a velvet insert - we are currently looking into the ethical status. We commissioned branded Irish linen bags to hold your ring box, receipt and cleaning cloth. There were produced and supplied by a local company enrich and endure. We hope you keep these forever and believe it is important to provide a good quality product that will keep your rings safe when traveling and want to minimise wasteful packaging. Our chosen stationary is FSC certified and comes from a British supplier. We have chosen 600g Mohawk superfine paper so has a luxury feel while still being sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

We want you to be confident in your product and the company your buying from. 







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