We are passionate to do what we can as a small business to be as transparent as we can about our suppliers, sustainability and ethics in our own supply chain. 

Our studio is in a repurposed Linen Mill in Belfast - Mairi undertakes all aspects of the business herself and strives to ensure she continues to run a profitable business while considering the ethics of her suppliers and supporting local businesses where possible. 

Our chosen stationary is FSC certified and comes from a British supplier. We have chosen 600g Mohawk superfine paper so has a luxury feel while still being sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

Our packaging includes leatherette box's with a velvet insert and pop these into Irish Linen bags. We commissioned branded irish linen bags produced and supplied by a local company enrich and endure. We hope you keep these forever and believe it is important to provide a good quality product that will keep your rings safe when traveling and want to minimise wasteful packaging. 

We design 90% of our work on Rhino CAD. The advantages for us means we can store client designs on file, easily make changes to the design after consultation but also means we are only creating the design once. We get our designs 3D printed our of house by a supplier in the UK which prints in a castable wax which is then sent onto a casting house for investment casting. Investment casting or lost wax casting as it is commonly known is an ancient process in the jewellery industry. I only print one of each design and the wax once melted can be reused in the process and I'm only using the amount of gold required for the piece so very little wastage is achieved this way. 

Our chosen casting house for our wax designs uses traceable metals that are 100% recycled, Fairtrade and Fairmined. We don't yet have a Fairmined licence but are looking into this process ( March 2018). 



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